The U life.

Stepping into university life, have really changed a lot of ny perspective and views towards people. After two years going through this phase, really does change my thinking. Well basically when we talk about friends choosing, there’s a lot of correlation between university life. Once you have chosen who you want to spend your entire university life with; friends, you basically have chosen if not all, nearly entire fate of your life in the university. Your friends will kind of determine who are you in the next four or three years of study. Well actually, they does not change your original self, but they are some kind of reasons for you to be who you will be. Sometimes you will be good, and sometimes you will be bad, depends on who your friends are, how do they treat you, and what kind of friendship that both of you are going into. 

Yeah I’m quite philosophical in this entry but that’s the truth and based on my own experiences. If you search for good, you will find good.



I’m currently taking a break from doing my assignment; my very last assignment for this semester, which I don’t have any passion in finishing it. As the due date is tomorrow, I know that I shouldn’t write here instead of completing the research proposal. Buutttt.. the issue is, my mind is filled with a lot of things lately. I can’t even create one sentence that is full with ideas about that particular research. Sigh..

I don’t know why my mind keeps on teasing itself. Instead of thinking about exams this upcoming week, I kept on thinking about how do I find jobs that are offered during my semester break. Instead of thinking about the assignment that should be handed in tomorrow, I kept on thinking who I am going to be in 4 or 5 years later. I don’t get it, why do I kept on being distracted. Why do I have to think about all of those things that can wait to be think about?

5 pages to go, yet I am here thinking about ideas for my blog. Haha. Stress, anxious, bored, all mixed. I don’t know if I am being too whiny, but that’s how i felt. I know that i can complete the assignment, even the other assignments before were handed in successfully, and I can write 6 to 7 paragraphs nonstop. Which is why i kept on thinking why do I’ve become sooooo distracted? I mean, am I the only person that find this is kinda depressing?

Life can be quite a bitch. When people wants something, they definitely won’t get it. But if they really don’t want something, that thing keeps on coming. When you are stressful, your stressful mind keeps on thinking something that can make itself even more stressful. Ohh god how I wish I can vanish.

Well, that’s life I guess.

I don’t even know why my assignment really have something huge to do with life btw. XD